Karabakh is integrated part of Azerbaijan.

Karabakh is integrated part of Azerbaijan. Yet in 1970-s President Carter’s Advisor on National Security Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote: “The ethnic question in USSR will apparently gain sharper forms, than racial crisis in United States.” This prediction turned out not to be a “slander of an anti-Sovietist”, but a real political forecast. Armenians, hungry for alien lands, brought the fire of undeclared war to the peaceful land of Azerbaijan. Armenia announced its pretensions on the part of Azeri territory – Mountainous Upper Karabakh. There is such a term – sexual anxiety, and there is also an alcoholic anxiety. But national anxiety can also turn into a maniacal anxiety. And this is some kind of sickness (in our case it is so-called “Armenian sickness”). At some moment a passive anxiety becomes very aggressive and maniacal. A nationalistic maniac acts like a sexual one, like a drunkard in fever, – violating and killing. Don’t get surprised after this at the words of Azeri patriot, who says, that giving Karabakh to Armenia is the same as they would rape your sister or mother (because native land is Motherland), or national honor. It was not hard to catch the essence of “Karabakh movement”, it was chauvinistic and separatist. Thus, the conflict in Karabakh is a well-planned and prepared in advance affair. The leaders of “Karabakh movement” brought the principle of self-determination of a nation to that extreme, where separatism begins. The main slogan of “Karabakh movement”, controlled and managed from Yerevan (the center of Azeri region Erevan before 1918, now the capital of Armenia), was “Miatzum!”.

The History clearly shows, that Bourgeoisie, Communists, and new “Democrats” ruling Armenia, show a touching consensus in their desire to swallow neighboring lands. Only half a million ethnic Armenians lived in the territory of contemporary Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan by the time of annexation of Transcaucasia by Russian Empire in 1st half of 19th century. After the establishment of Soviet regime in the region (1920 – 1921) the situation stabilized. The major reason of this stabilization was the temporary satisfaction of tremendous appetite of Armenian chauvinists – the former Azeri region Zangezur was handed over to Armenia. But Armenian rulers – now Communist – used any chance to display their territorial claims.
Soon after the World War II the head of Armenia – Arutyunov, addresses to the Central Committee of Communist Party of USSR with petition to make Karabakh a part of Armenian Republic. The Head of Azerbaijan Soviet Republic at that time agreed with irony and proposed a contrary claim to Armenian and Georgian Soviet Republics and also to Daghestan Autonomous Republic (all these states are neighboring with Azerbaijan) about handing over the regions, mainly populated with Azeris, to Azerbaijan. Thus, the question raised by Arutyunov was denied. But there still was another opportunity to satisfy the appetite of Armenian chauvinists. Of course, this one was less effective, but they did not neglect it. For decades Armenian nationalists conducted the purposeful ousting of Azeris from Armenia. Oxumağa davam et