Karabakh is integrated part of Azerbaijan.

Karabakh is integrated part of Azerbaijan. Yet in 1970-s President Carter’s Advisor on National Security Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote: “The ethnic question in USSR will apparently gain sharper forms, than racial crisis in United States.” This prediction turned out not to be a “slander of an anti-Sovietist”, but a real political forecast. Armenians, hungry for alien lands, brought the fire of undeclared war to the peaceful land of Azerbaijan. Armenia announced its pretensions on the part of Azeri territory – Mountainous Upper Karabakh. There is such a term – sexual anxiety, and there is also an alcoholic anxiety. But national anxiety can also turn into a maniacal anxiety. And this is some kind of sickness (in our case it is so-called “Armenian sickness”). At some moment a passive anxiety becomes very aggressive and maniacal. A nationalistic maniac acts like a sexual one, like a drunkard in fever, – violating and killing. Don’t get surprised after this at the words of Azeri patriot, who says, that giving Karabakh to Armenia is the same as they would rape your sister or mother (because native land is Motherland), or national honor. It was not hard to catch the essence of “Karabakh movement”, it was chauvinistic and separatist. Thus, the conflict in Karabakh is a well-planned and prepared in advance affair. The leaders of “Karabakh movement” brought the principle of self-determination of a nation to that extreme, where separatism begins. The main slogan of “Karabakh movement”, controlled and managed from Yerevan (the center of Azeri region Erevan before 1918, now the capital of Armenia), was “Miatzum!”.

The History clearly shows, that Bourgeoisie, Communists, and new “Democrats” ruling Armenia, show a touching consensus in their desire to swallow neighboring lands. Only half a million ethnic Armenians lived in the territory of contemporary Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan by the time of annexation of Transcaucasia by Russian Empire in 1st half of 19th century. After the establishment of Soviet regime in the region (1920 – 1921) the situation stabilized. The major reason of this stabilization was the temporary satisfaction of tremendous appetite of Armenian chauvinists – the former Azeri region Zangezur was handed over to Armenia. But Armenian rulers – now Communist – used any chance to display their territorial claims.
Soon after the World War II the head of Armenia – Arutyunov, addresses to the Central Committee of Communist Party of USSR with petition to make Karabakh a part of Armenian Republic. The Head of Azerbaijan Soviet Republic at that time agreed with irony and proposed a contrary claim to Armenian and Georgian Soviet Republics and also to Daghestan Autonomous Republic (all these states are neighboring with Azerbaijan) about handing over the regions, mainly populated with Azeris, to Azerbaijan. Thus, the question raised by Arutyunov was denied. But there still was another opportunity to satisfy the appetite of Armenian chauvinists. Of course, this one was less effective, but they did not neglect it. For decades Armenian nationalists conducted the purposeful ousting of Azeris from Armenia. The nationalistic rulers of Armenia already reached their goal by the end of 1980-s. Armenia became mononational and “ethnically clean” as the result of forced deportation of Azerbaijani population. Eighty years ago more than half a million Azeris lived in the territory of contemporary Armenia. Every year on 24 April Armenia celebrates “the day of genocide” (so-called “The Day of Commemoration of victims of Armenian genocide in Turkey” in 1915, which is not recognized by the majority of historians in the world). “Genocide” is the ideological basis for Armenian terrorism and the slogan “Ay-dab” (means “Armenian justice for genocide”) is the contemporary basis of political conception of Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktzutyun, which is de facto becoming the conceptual ground of Yerevan’s foreign policy, implying “punishment” of Turkey for the “genocide” of Armenians and territorial compensations for Armenia in expence of Turkey, Azerbaijan, and even Georgia. “Ay-dab” is the ideological slogan used for uniting foreign Armenian diaspora and point idea justifying the terrorist activities of ASALA and “Vindicators for Armenian Genocide”, involved in assassinations of famous Turkish and Azeri political figures and diplomats. That time you could lose your life for a word spoken in Turkish or Azeri in the street. The cities of Armenia were becoming monoethnical. But it was not easy to oust Azeri peasants, and Armenian fascists used special means and methods. In 1948 Armenian chauvinists with mediation of Mikoyan and Beria and in collusion with Stalin deported 100,000 Azeris from Armenia to Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan in order to settle Armenians- repatriates in their lands – this is a classic example of ethnic cleansing.
The task of cleansing of Karabakh from Azeris was brought before Dashnaks in 1972. All specific plans and methods of their realization were drawn in Armenia. In 1979-1980 the process of forming the detachments of Armenian army was started. Thus, Armenian militarists initiated the actual realization of carefully created plans. The Karabakh policy of Dashnaks became the main point of their strategic task – establishing “Great Armenia” from Mediterranean Sea to Black and Caspian seas, following by annexation of vast territories in Transcaucasia, Asia Minor, and even Crimea. In 1988 you could hear the following from Armenian national-chauvinists: “For the first time we have the unique opportunity to cleanse Armenia.” Just pay attention to the subtlety of the vocabulary! “To cleanse…” Won’t you recall Ribbentrop and nazi gas cameras? “Get out of Armenia, damned Turks!” – that was the beginning of the crash.
Independent state of Azerbaijan was established on the base of originally formed nation. Azeri nation declared its independence in 1991 and became a sovereign state. The Republic of Azerbaijan was declared the successor of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-1920). Huge energetic resources (in the beginning of the 20th century half of the world’s oil was produced in Baku), real agricultural potency (this sector of economy is very prospective), advantageous strategic situation (Brzezinski called Azerbaijan a “geopolitical standpoint”), “business spirit” of Azeri nation and other factors will assist the prosperity of Azerbaijan. After gaining independence Azerbaijan became a full righteous member of United Nations, OSCE, NIS, Organization of Islamic Conference, Union of Turkic States, Organization of Black Sea Economic Cooperation, International Monetary Fund, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, Islamic Bank of Development, established contacts with European Council, Europarliament, NATO and other organizations. From the moment of establishment the young Azerbaijan Republic declared its adherence to the basic principles of peaceful policy. The foreign policy of Azerbaijan is based on the principles of peaceful co-existence, cooperation, non-intervention into the internal affairs of other states.
Undeclared war, which was started by Armenia, was a self-defense, display of self-preservation. Unfortunately, predictions of Brzezinski came true: “In the next 20-30 years Nationalism will become a real dynamic power. Soviets will not be able to control the problem of their nationalities. Their system is facing a fatal crisis.” Karabakh became the first symptom of the collapse of USSR. A month later since the Constitutional Act of Independence was passed, Armenian troops blew up the Azeri helicopter with well-known public and political figures on board. This cruel act of violence actually started the active military operations in Karabakh. Armenian aggressors, following the idea of “Great Armenia”, banished all Azeri population from Karabakh. After seizure of Shusha and Lachin region the annexation of Karabakh was over.
Using Karabakh as a springboard, Armenian troops occupied six other Azeri regions – Kelbejar, Agdam, Fizuli, Jebrail, Zengilan, and Gubadli, which are situated as Lachin out of the territory of Karabakh. As the result of Armenian aggression more than 20% of the territory of Azerbaijan is occupied by armed forces of the Republic of Armenia. Words can’t describe the losses of Azerbaijan: 20,000 dead, about 100,000 wounded, 6,000 prisoners of war; more than 1 million of Azeris (15% of the population of Azerbaijan) became refugees and live in tent towns; 700 towns and villages are destroyed, all houses, schools, hospitals in them are plundered and burned. An unrecoverable damage was made to Azeri culture, many memorials of ancient culture were terminated. All these are the brutal violation of International Law, aggression against the territorial integrity and political independence of Azerbaijan. The war created a social tension. A tremendous material damage was made to the people of Azerbaijan.
In connection with these seizures UN Security Council passed 4 resolutions and 6 declarations of its Chairman. They confirm sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan, demand immediate, absolute, and unconditional withdrawal of Armenian armed forced from all seized territories, and also appreciation of borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Besides ignoring the basic principles of UN, Armenia also violated many fundamental principles of International Law, established in the international document – “Act of Conclusion” of CSCE (1975) (also called “Helsinki Declaration”). Thus, Armenia violated the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th principles, which built the foundation of foreign policy of the nations-participants of Helsinki summit. That was the violation of the following principles:
2. Non-application of force or threatening by force;
3. Integrity of borders;
4. Territorial integrity of states.

Though Armenia is a member of OSCE, this nation violates the juridical basis of this prestigious international organization. All actions of Armenian nationalists are motivated by hatred toward Azeris. Thus, as a result of a slaughter in Khojali (1992) 613 Azeris were cruelly killed, and the Russian regiment No. 366, located in Karabakh, took a direct part in this slaughter (that is exactly an act of hatred for humanity – one of the gravest crimes contemporary world). There are reliable facts of terrorist and extremist activities of Armenian chauvinists (and all these happen in the end of 20th century, when the whole world fights against terrorism), including brutal violation of human rights and freedom. There are also facts of assassination of Azeri POW’s, torturing them and all these methods are prohibited by International Law. Thus, we are coming to the following conclusion:
1. Armenia is conducting a dangerous and prospectiveless policy, harming security and cooperation in Caucasus and in the whole Europe;
2. Armenia does not want to acknowledge the borders and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, acknowledged by UN, OSCE, and the majority of countries in the world; declares territorial claims to Azerbaijan and conducts a seizure policy;
3. Armenia does not regard the settlement of Karabakh problem on the basis of International Law, has annexed the territories of Azerbaijan and doesn’t want to return them, and in this way challenges the whole international community;
4. The territories of Azerbaijan are under occupation, therefore Azerbaijan has the right to use all possible means in order to return them;
5. Armenia’s aggressive policy becomes a serious obstacle for establishing a new order in Europe and in the world.
The Karabakh conflict remains one of the most protracted ethnopolitical conflicts in the post-Soviet territory. Since 1994 the regime of seize-fire have been in force (in 1994 the agreement of armistice was signed in Bishkek). But don’t think that we lost in the war for the integrity of our Motherland. Turks have a very exact saying: “Justice warriors never die, Motherland can not be shared.” The struggle is not over yet. The word “armistice” does not mean “peace”, it implies a temporary break on the way of final settlement of a conflict. And only those are defeated, who admit it and put up with it. The Azeri nation is absolutely ready to rebuff the insolent territorial claims of Armenia by mobilization of all its moral and physical power. The only way to the victory (we have a moral right for it: Revenge, Vengeance, satisfaction of national pride, strengthening the national self-confidence) lies through the solid unity of the whole nation. The main target of Azerbaijan’s foreign policy is acknowledgement of Armenia as an aggressor by the world community, peaceful settlement of the problem by involving international organizations in the process of settlement. The Azeri diplomacy is using all opportunities for the fair settlement of the conflict on the basis of the three principles reflected in the 20th paragraph of the Final Declaration of the Lisbon summit of OSCE (1996):
1. Territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Armenia;
2. Offering the high status of autonomy (home-rule) to Nagorno Karabakh, but as a part of Azerbaijan;
3. Guarantees for security of the all civil population of Karabakh.
The war has facilitated to the unity of the Azeri nation and now we can speak about the integrated mentality of the nation. This ethnic psychology of Azeris includes their readiness to protect Motherland, to become shahids (self-sacrificing heroes) and true patriots. Mass military psychology assisted to turn patriotism into the highest unifying feeling of entire Azeri nation. The word “Karabakh”, so dear and close to hearts, has gained aa magic power. Karabakh is not a simple word or ethnonym, there is something more, even sacramental in this word for each Azeri. It has made solid the building of Azeri national self-consciousness and unity, which was fragile before. Today you can find few people who would not agree, that just settlement of Karabakh conflict is the foundation of future existence and independence of Azeri statehood. Dissents are possible only on the question about the ways and methods of the conflict’s settlement. And here we want to remind the basic principle of Machiavelism – “all means are useful to attain the goal”. If the military way is necessary, we’ll be ready to fight too. In international historiography our ancestors – Turks – are regarded a martial nation, which conquered a vast territory in Asia and Europe, reached even Africa, established great empires (Empire of Seljuk Turks, Great Ottoman Empire, Sefevi Empire), and we are very proud of them. In comparison Armenia is a viserable nation (great Russian poet A.S.Pushkin says in his poem «Tatzit» by the words of an old mountaineer: «You are a slave, you are a coward, you are an Armenian»).
Military solution (guerilla war is not excluded) has all chances for victory, because in comparison with Armenia Azerbaijan has better economic advantages and more human resources, and Azeri national patriots are full of desire to revenge for insulted national dignity and to return Karabakh back. Azeri national army is able to protect the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and if needed, to liberate the seized lands. The basic principle of our military-strategic conception is protection of independence and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.
Everyone perfectly knows that only «support» of powers , which are hostile toward Azerbaijan, assisted military success of Armenia. The word «support» can not embrace all what Armenia received from its patrons (first of all Russia). Since 1995 Armenia received modern types of armament equaling to $1 billion from Russia – and all for free! Armenia, interested in freezing of unstability in the region, thus increased its military might. How can you talk about the «victory» of Armenia, when Azerbaijan faced counteraction of ex-super power Russia and indifference or sometimes even unveiled economic support of Iran for Armenia. As a result of Armenian-Russian cooperation established in 1992, the parties already realized about 30 military agreements. There are military squadron consisting of bombers MIG-23 and a Russian military base in Armenia. The armaments for $1,000,000,000 includes modern equipment for anti-aircraft defense («Arrow-10», «Igla») and radar systems. Beside this Russia gave 5 military jets MIG-29 to Armenia, a great number of trucks, tanks, and heavy rocket-artillery systems. The increase of military arsenal of Armenia is a direct violation of «Convention of Ordinary Offence Armaments Reduction in Europe». As Azerbaijan is trying to solve the conflict by diplomatic methods, Armenia is on the way of active militarization. Besides Armenia feels its unsecure and unstable position in Karabakh and it is afraid of inevitable just «vengeance» by Azerbaijan. «Don’t worry, mister Annexor, you will not stay long in Karabakh!» The Azeri nation will not stop until it returns back, what was stolen by Armenian chauvinists, who dream about Great Armenia. Whether by political methods, of by military means, the great Azeri nation shall restore historical justice, expressed in the words of truth: «Karabakh is an integrated part of Azerbaijan».

By Fareed Guliyev


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