It’s well-known, that some countries are called by the name of the people abiding there, others – in accordance with the geographic and administrative name defining the name of the region’s population. According to F. Macler “Armenia, the geographic region, which has this name from ancient times, was not the permanent abode of people called Armenians…certainly, people with different language lived in this country.” (F.Macler. La nation Armenienne. Son Passe. Ses malheurs. Paris, 1924, p. 18-19). Another historian – Pastermadijan, writes: “Emergence of Armenian people, related to Indo-European group of people, in the East, in Armenia, together with Kimmerians and Frakians, who were related to the same group, tracking from the West through the Balkans and Asia Minor, dates back to 7th and 6th centuries BC. This hypothesis is already acknowledged by many specialists.” (H. Pastermadijan. Histoire de l’Armenie. Paris, 1949, p.23)
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